Two types of collegiate professorships exist at the University of Michigan. Some have been established by Regental actions and allocated by the provost after review of school/college requests. Most of these appointments are funded by the school or college wishing to establish the collegiate professorship and make an appointment to the position. Additional Collegiate Professorships are funded from endowments established by gift(s) from from a donor (or donors) to specific schools and colleges.

Collegiate Professorships (unendowed)

Twenty-five unfunded school/college professorships were established by the Board of Regents in April 1973. Five additional professorships were approved by the Regents in May 1981. The number of collegiate professorships that are available to the provost has gradually expanded since 1981, bringing the current total to 250. These professorships are held in the provost’s office for distribution to the schools and colleges as needed.

The first 30 professorships, created in 1973 and 1981, are funded from an unrestricted endowment fund. Professorships created since that time are funded from unit resources. The Regents are periodically asked to approve the establishment of additional unendowed collegiate professorships. Most recently, the Regents approved the establishment of 50 additional unendowed collegiate professorships in March 2013.

Appointments are typically for five-year renewable terms, and are based on unit selection criteria. These are unit-funded collegiate professorships, and holders receive an annual stipend ranging from $3,000-$5,000. Funds to increase the amount (up to $5,000) or for research/travel may be provided at the discretion of the academic unit, using school/college resources.

Collegiate professorships are an important means of honoring distinguished faculty members and have contributed significantly to the university’s ability to retain many prestigious faculty.

Details about the process leading to an unendowed colleagiate professorship appointment or renewal are described here, including Regents Communications samples.

Information about Regents Communications is found in the Academic Personnel Regents Communications Manual published by Academic Human Resources.

Questions about unendowed collegiate professorships may be directed to Academic and Faculty Affairs, Office of the Provost at 734.647.6608.

Endowed Collegiate Professorships

Endowed collegiate professorships are funded through endowment gifts from one or more individuals who wish to honor a former faculty member for career contributions to his or her academic discipline, to the University, and to the University community. Donors who provide these gifts support and recognize some of the University’s most prominent scholars. A faculty member may not endow a collegiate professorship in his or her own name.

The Office of University Development works with the school/college which will become the recipient of the donor(s) gift(s). The school/college prepares a Regents Communication to establish an endowed collegiate professorship, followed by a Regents Communication to appoint a faculty member to the endowed collegiate professorship.