Building, Space, & Utilities Information & Reporting

For information on M-Pathways space management or utilities information and available reports, refer to the following pages:

Classroom & Research Space Utilization Reporting

For information on classroom scheduling and utilization or research space reporting, refer to the following pages:

Space Reporting Assistance

The Provost’s Office is able to assist in interpreting campus space-related data, as well as assist in tying it to other sets of data (enrollment, financial, HR, etc.), to address internal unit space planning questions. E-mail [email protected] with additional details about your needs to request assistance.

Summer Program Housing Best Practices

There are various instances when your unit or department may need to secure summer housing for students in Ann Arbor or beyond. See Summer Program Housing Best Practices (pdf) for information on how to secure safe and reliable housing for students.

Preparing for Moves

There are various instances when your unit or department may need to move to a new location, either temporarily or permanently. This sample moving guide provides background information related to preparing for such moves.

Food Service Planning

The food service planning web site provides a structured process, tools, and resources to assist General Fund academic and administrative units in proposing and planning food operations for the Ann Arbor campus.

Other Facilities Resources

  • Facilities and Operations Guidelines
    • U-M Statement on Stewardship & Fiscal Responsibilities
    • General Guidelines for Facility & Space Use
    • Use of University Grounds
    • Serving Alcohol on University Property
    • Filming on Campus
  • Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Program is comprehensive database on the physical condition of the campus building portfolio. FCA information is used for a wide variety of campus activities, including:
      • Capital planning of major renovations
      • Maintenance and operations decisions regarding repairs and replacements
      • Prioritizing deferred maintenance backlog and goals.
  • Floor plans for Ann Arbor campus buildings
    • Units may request floor plans for their buildings by emailing Facilities & Operations Information Services team at: [email protected]
  • List of major construction projects