The University of Michigan believes that tenure is an essential part of the guarantee of academic freedom that is necessary for University-based intellectual life to flourish. The grant of indeterminate tenure to faculty members represents an enormous investment of University—and societal—resources, and those who receive this investment do so only after rigorous review which establishes that their scholarship, research, teaching, and service meet the highest standards and are congruent with the needs of the University.

Tenure is awarded only to faculty with appointments on the instructional tenure track. Faculty on the clinical and research tracks are not eligible for tenure. Faculty members must hold their tenured positions in full recognition of the responsibilities they owe the University, as well as the responsibilities the University owes them.

Instructions for Faculty Promotions
The steps in the promotion process are updated prior to the start of the academic year (typically in July). Recommendations for tenure and promotion in academic rank are generally presented to the Board of Regents the following May.

Policies on Appointments and Promotions for Research Scientist and Research Professor Tracks
Guidance for research faculty appointments and promotions in both the Research Scientist Track and Research Professor Track.

Guiding Principles for Tenure Review for Instructional Tenure Track Faculty at U-M (Feb. 7, 2002)
The awarding of tenure to a member of the faculty is one of the most important decisions that the University makes. This document provides important ideas about the review process.

Guidelines on Tenure Review Timing
Guidelines regarding University of Michigan policies that govern time until tenure review (“The Tenure Clock”) and related matters.