Vice provost Roger Cone, who directs the Biosciences Initiative, leads this effort to support cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, expert faculty hires, collaboration, and postgraduate education across the biological sciences at U-M.

The Biosciences Initiative supports U-M faculty in the life sciences and convergent disciplines by catalyzing research in emerging areas of strength, strengthening core facilities across the full breadth of campus, and advancing the education and training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The Initiative is also tasked with creating greater opportunities for community, collaboration, and coordination among those doing biosciences and related research and education across the campus.

The Biosciences Initiative is run by the Biosciences Initiative Coordinating Committee (BICC), a 15-member committee of leading U-M scientists representing the breadth of the discipline at U-M. The BICC has launched a number of programs, described below.


Roger Cone, Vice Provost and Director, U-M Biosciences Initiative
Jennifer Ohren, Managing Director


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