Provost’s Faculty Initiatives Program (PFIP)

The Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs provides supplemental resources to help schools and colleges and other academic units to hire and retain faculty with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through scholarship, teaching and/or service; to assist the dual career partners of tenure track and tenured faculty; and to respond to unique opportunities. Funds may be available to help units recruit or retain tenure-track faculty or to develop specific programmatic areas (e.g., cluster hiring).


Note: Each school or college is likely to have its own procedures, particularly in the case of dual career hires. Check first with the dean’s office to determine which procedures apply.

All requests for PFIP assistance must be made by a dean or his/her designate. Requests for funding presume a cost-sharing arrangement. The details of each arrangement will vary depending on the circumstances.

All requests should explain:

  1. The objective or goal underlying the request and how it relates to the school or college’s overall priorities,
  2. What related efforts have already been undertaken at the school, college, or department level (e.g., to recruit or retain the faculty member),
  3. What commitment the school, college, or academic unit is prepared to make,
  4. What PFIP commitment the school or college is seeking,
  5. Any timing issues.

The school or college should provide a copy of the current curriculum vita of the prospective faculty member and, when appropriate, of the dual career partner.

For more information about requesting funds, call 734-764-0151. See also Dual Career Resources.