Office of the Provost




Originally issued April 10, 2020
Updated April 24, 2020

Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-42 generally requires us to remain at home, until at least April 30. This means that all types of UM-related in-person student engaged learning activities are precluded in the state of Michigan until the Governor’s order(s) are lifted. As a result, we have determined that all UM instruction during the spring and summer terms will be conducted in alternative, remote formats (i.e., no in-person contact).

The following guidance defines which UM-related off-campus engaged learning activities are in scope and advises students on activities that are permissible to plan. Additionally, we encourage all students to focus on activities that can be conducted remotely.

However, if and when health, safety, and travel restrictions are relaxed in the coming months, the guidance below sets out the conditions under which off-campus, UM-related student engaged learning experiences could be conducted in-person.

The following guidance is for the Ann Arbor campus

Off-Campus, UM- Related Engaged Learning Activities for Students


  • Off-Campus engaged learning activities are activities that take place off campus and engage students in real-world problems in a variety of settings. Examples of off-campus, UM-related engaged learning include: internships , student teaching, and other practica; programs like Camp Davis, the Biological Station, Semester in Detroit, and Washington PSIP; required and elective trips that are part of a course; service and community engagement opportunities; research activities not already regulated by UMOR; performances and exhibitions; and other co-curricular activities. Clinical rotations in the health sciences are not considered engaged learning activities for purposes of this guidance and are exempted from the requirements herein.
  • Off-campus engaged learning activities are considered UM-related if they are funded, sponsored, managed by the University and/or if they are for credit or required for degree completion. See Global Michigan for a complete definition of UM-related.

Guidelines for 2020 Spring, Spring/Summer, and Summer terms

  • All off-campus, UM-related engaged learning activities can be supported and/or receive credit if they are offered in remote format (no in-person contact).
  • No UM-related, off-campus engaged learning activity can violate UM travel policy (e.g. SPG 601.31 or the U-M suspension of international and domestic air travel until further notice).
  • UM-related, in-person, off-campus engaged-learning activities are permissible ONLY IF:
    • They are approved in writing by the academic unit. For activities located at an international location, the participants must have graduate standing and the activity must be essential for degree progress.
    • They do not violate any applicable laws, rules, regulations, orders, guidelines, and the like. Students will verify this compliance through a Student Request for Engaged Learning & Domestic Travel or an Individual Safety Plan for International Travel. These requests must include sufficient evidence that violations will be avoided at all times and will be reviewed by the Chief International Travel Safety Officer and the International Travel Oversight Committee.
    • See Global Michigan Updates for U-M Travel & Off-Campus Educational Activities for additional details.