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Resources for University of Michigan’s instructors to ensure continuation of instruction


March 12, 2020

During emergency situations, it is possible that some or all students in a course will be unable to attend class in person, or that the instructor will not be able to attend in person. Several resources are available at the University to support continuation of teaching and learning while facing such an emergency.

The Center for Research on Teaching and Learning and the Center for Academic Innovation have prepared a planning resource for emergency situations that necessitate teaching remotely. It includes strategies applicable to a wide range of course settings: Getting started teaching remotely.

The Center for Academic Innovation’s "Keep Teaching @ UM" website ( includes practical, pedagogical advice to implement guidance during an unexpected disruption of classes. In addition, CRLT and CAI will be offering a series of virtual office hours designed to answer faculty questions about remote teaching strategies and tools.

The University has 125 classrooms on Central Campus and 16 classrooms on North Campus with lecture capture capability, which could be leveraged for partial-attendance solutions.

Information and Technology Services supports several tools and applications for the UM community to enable teaching and learning remotely: ITS remote resource guide.

If you are considering adopting a course structure that allows for remote attendance, consult these resources frequently, as we are updating and expanding them often.

Some schools and colleges have additional resources available to support remote teaching and learning.


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