Office of the Provost

Promotion Guidelines



  • Attachment A — Qualifications for Appointment and Promotion in the Several Faculties of University of Michigan

  • Attachment B—University of Michigan Bylaws: Section 5.23. Clinical Instructional Staff (revised June 2001); and University of Michigan Bylaws: Section 5.24. Research Scientists and Research Professors (revised October 2003)

  • Attachment C — Instructions for Instructional Faculty Promotion Recommendations

  • Attachment D — Sample Promotion Recommendation

  • Attachment E — CRLT Occasional Papers: The Teaching Portfolio

  • Attachment F-1 — Sample solicitation letter, Non-interdisciplinary appointments

  • Attachment F-2 — Sample solicitation letter, Interdisciplinary appointments

  • Attachment G — Sample Alphabetical Listing of External Reviewers Who Provided Letters

  • Attachment H — Statement of Understanding Regarding Responsibility for Bridging Support

Instructions for uploading promotion casebooks to CTools

Checksum Spreadsheet EXAMPLE


2017 promotion cycle

Use the following solicitation letter templates for the 2017 promotion cycle and include, as an attachment, a description of the particular track(s) on which the faculty member is being promoted:

  • Attachment F-1 — Sample solicitation letter: Instructional tenure track promotion, non-interdisciplinary appointments

  • Attachment F-2 — Sample solicitation letter: Instructional tenure track promotion, interdisciplinary appointments

  • Attachment F-3 — Sample solicitation letter: Clinical Instructional track promotion

  • Attachment F-4 — Sample solicitation letter: Research Professor track promotion