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Childcare & Dependent Care: Policies and Resources

At the U-M, we recognize that affordable, quality childcare is a must for working parents. We are proud to offer five different childcare centers, as well as sick-child services. The U-M also: offers significant paid leaves for birth mothers and other new parents; offers leaves of absence for childcare; excludes time from the tenure clock for dependent care; and adheres to the Family Medical Leave Act.

The numbers in parentheses provide direct links to the applicable policy in the Standard Practice Guide (SPG).

Policies Specific to New Parents

(Birth mothers should see the section of this website on Childbirth Policies for additional policies specific to childbirth.)

Modification of Teaching Assignments (Modified Duties)

If you are the parent of a newly born child or the parent of a newly adopted child, you may request a period of time during which your teaching duties will be modified to allow you to adjust to this new set of life demands--with no reduction in salary. For example, an academic unit may relieve you from direct teaching responsibilities for a semester. To be eligible for a period of modified duties, you must meet the criteria described in the SPG. (SPG 201.93)

Excluding Time from the Tenure Clock Due to Dependent Care

As a faculty member who must help meet the demands of caring for dependents (e.g., children, ill or injured partners, or aging parents), you may ask for your tenure review to be postponed by a year.
(SPG 201.92)

Policies and Resources Applicable To All New Parents

Effective September 1, 2018 -- 6 weeks paid Parental Leave to provide all new parents (whether by birth, adoption, foster care placement, or child guardianship events) with a period of bonding (birth mothers are also eligible for this paid leave)
(SPG 201.30-6).

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The University supports leaves of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act (please see the University Human Resources web page for more details), which are available to all faculty and staff members. When you meet the eligibility criteria, you are entitled to receive University contributions toward medical and dental premiums for up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period. If you have questions or need further details, please visit the Work/Life Resource Center web page.

Leaves of Absence Without Salary for Childcare

If you or your spouse or partner has given birth to or adopted a child under the age of six, you may request a leave of absence without salary for childcare. You may also request such leaves for other purposes (e.g., educational, government or public service and outside teaching, research, and scholarly activity).
(SPG 201.30-1)

Childcare Centers

U-M Children’s Centers (gateway)

The University operates the following University childcare centers:

Kids Kare at Home

If you have sick children or need back-up emergency childcare (e.g., your regular child care is not available), you can contact a qualified child care provider through the Kids Kare at Home program, which is operated by the U-M’s Work/Life Resource Center. After calling, an assigned, trained caregiver will come to your home within 3-4 hours.

For more information, please see the Kids Kare website.

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