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Faculty Appointment Guidelines

Memorandum from the Provost


TO: Academic Program Group
  Research Unit Directors
FROM: Sara Blair, Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs
  Lori Pierce, Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs
DATE: December 15, 2017
SUBJECT: Guidelines for Obtaining Authorizations to Extend an Offer (AEOs) and
  for Obtaining Approval of Joint Academic Appointments for Senior Faculty


Attached are updated guidelines setting forth the detailed procedures for obtaining approval to extend an offer for appointment of:

  • Professor (with or without tenure)
  • Associate Professor (with or without tenure)
  • Research Professor
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Associate Professor

These materials must be submitted to the Provost’s Office prior to extending a formal offer. Following review by the Provost and the President, the Provost’s Office will inform the appropriate Dean or Director of the decision. The materials may be submitted electronically via M-Box.

Please note that these guidelines should be used to request approval of all appointments to the above-named positions for candidates without a current University appointment.

If the candidate has a current University of Michigan appointment with one of the above titles, and a joint academic appointment at the same, or equivalent, rank in another academic unit is being recommended, please follow the instructions in the accompanying document: Guidelines for Obtaining Approval of Joint Academic Appointments for Senior Faculty.

Please forward this memorandum and the attached instructions to Department Chairs, Program Heads, and others in your unit who are directly responsible for the preparation of this material. These guidelines can also be found on the Provost's Office website at <>.

When there is a completed and accepted appointment offer for a new tenure-track faculty member at the assistant, associate, or professor rank, please ask your staff to upload an electronic copy of the accepted letter to your school’s assigned “Offer Letters” M-Box and to notify Tina Sedgeman ( and Tammy Deane (



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