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Non-traditional Education Programs at U-M

Update as of Fall 2010


The Non-traditional Educational Programs at U-M (NEPU) task force was charged with recommending programs that the University of Michigan might develop that deliver non-credit bearing education experiences to paying customers with positive return on investment for the University.


Next Steps

In response to these recommendations, a new working group of directors of continuing education programs has been formed with the goal of creating opportunities for sharing information, expertise and resources while enhancing the potential for collaboration. The working group will be making recommendations about ways in which central coordinating mechanisms might be beneficial. A shared web portal will be developed for information about all U-M non-degree programs. Finally, the university also will undertake an operational review of current venue and unique space use practices and management.

For further information on the NEPU task force please contact Celeste Castillo Lee in the Provost's office at ceclee@umich.edu.


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