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Creative Staffing and Shared Services Task Force

Update as of Fall 2010


The charge of the Creative Staffing and Shared Services task force was to look systematically at ways of sharing resources for more efficient delivery of administrative support services. The task force considered a broad range of delivery models and service functions. In particular, it explored the use of shared services, a concept originally developed in the private sector as a means of improving efficiency and service responsiveness in large, complex, and decentralized organizations, by consolidating back-office functions in a way that assures accountability and avoids the problems often associated with centralization of services, including lack of responsiveness and decreased quality of service.


Next Steps

Following completion of the task force work, we integrated their recommendations with the results of a recent benchmarking study done on campus.   The results of this work have been discussed with campus representatives, including budget administrators.  Next we will engage an outside consultant to develop detailed analyses, business cases, and proposed implementation plans for targeted shared services opportunities.


For further information on the CSSS task force please contact Stephanie Riegle in the Provost’s office at sbrugler@umich.edu.


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View the final report


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