Office of the Provost

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

Appendix 2: 
Faculty Members and the University: A Guide

The lists below refer to sections of the Faculty Handbook that are concerned principally with the relationship between faculty members and the University.   It is not definitive but is provided as a general guide. 

Fundamental Tenets of Membership in the University Community (1)

Diversity and Nondiscrimination (2)

Administrative Structure (3)

Faculty Roles in Governance (4)

Appointments (5)

Research Faculty (5.D)

Librarians, Archivists, and Curators (5.E)

Types of Appointments (5.F)

Appointments: Other Considerations (5.G)

Tenure (6)

Scholarship and Research (7)

Teaching and Faculty Interactions with Students (8)

Faculty as Representatives of the University/Service (9)

Resolution of Disputes (10)

Sexual Harassment (11)

University Records, Privacy, and Access to Information (12)

Compensation and Budgetary Procedures (14)

Benefits, Services, and Support (15)

Leaves, Absences, Holidays, Vacations, and University Closures (16)

University Travel and Reimbursement (17)

Campus Health and Safety (18)

Retirement, Emeritus/Emerita Status (19)