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The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

15.U Work/Life Resource Center

The Work/Life Resource Center (WLRC) represents the University’s commitment to an environment that is supportive of, and sensitive to, the balance between work and the other facets of life. The WLRC offers several services, described below, to help faculty successfully integrate work life and personal life. 

15.U.1 Child Care

The WLRC offers information and personal consultations about quality child care in the state of Michigan including information about child care centers and homes, preschools, summer day camps, in-home child care agencies, parenting workshops, and financial resources for child care. There are also several early childhood education centers on the Ann Arbor campus, all of which are accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.
WLRC administers the Kids Kare at Home Program, which provides in-home sick and emergency backup care. A modest sliding scale fee is charged for this service based on household income. Faculty can register for Kids Kare online during the Kids Kare annual open enrollment period each October. Detailed information can be found at <>.Expectant parents can also access services through WLRC's online Parents' Resources. This collection of information helps new parents and parents-to-be find helpful resources on topics including adoption and foster care, birthing and parenting classes, breast feeding, returning to work, and parenting and family life <>.

15.U.2 Eldercare and Dependent Care

WLRC can help identify services, programs, and community resources for elderly or disabled relatives of faculty, no matter where they live in the United States. Information and consultation is available about home health care and other in-home services; living arrangements, such as assisted living and nursing homes; adult day care centers; financial and legal specialists in elder law; care management services; support groups; geriatric medical centers; Alzheimer's resources; and Meals on Wheels. More information is available from the WLRC and on the Web at <>.

15.U.3 Additional Services

WLRC also offers individual consultations on child care, elder care, and family and medical leaves, seminars and educational workshops, and a resource library. For more information about services, contact the Work/Life Resource Center <>.

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