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This section gives you an overview of reports and articles—many of them online—related to family/work issues in higher education. We add links and other resources regularly, so please check back to see the latest resources.


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Online Resources

Balancing Faculty Careers and Family Work, Academe Online, November–December 2004 (Volume 90, Number 6), featuring:


“Tenure Clock, Modified Duties, and Sick Leave Policies: Creating ‘A Network of Support and Understanding’ For University of Michigan Faculty Women During Pregnancy and Childbirth”
by Jean Waltman and Louise August

“Child Care Task Force issues recommendations”
University Record, March 25, 1998

“How Babies Alter Careers for Academics”
by Robin Wilson

“Do Babies Matter? The Effect of Family Formation on the Life Long Careers of Academic Men and Women” part 1 | part 2
by Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden

From Academe, a publication of the American Association of Higher Education.
Abstract: For women academics, deciding to have a baby is a career decision. Traditional narratives of the academic career must adapt to new demands and new constituencies.

“Academic Work and Family Responsibility: A Balancing Act”
by Portia L. Cole and John W. Curtis, from Science’s Next Wave January 16, 2004

“Paid Family and Medical Leave: Why We Need It, How We Can Get It”
by Lissa Bell and Sandra Newman
Policy Brief Family Caregiver Alliance National Center for Caregiving (September, 2003)

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Additional Information from the Schools and Colleges

Below you will find examples to information from UM schools and colleges that have adopted additional family-friendly policies or that offer related resources.

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Diversity Matters
A U-M gateway to people and programs that support and advance diversity at the University of Michigan and beyond.
Faculty Handbook
Contains useful information of interest to current and prospective faculty members.
Regents of the University of Michigan
An introduction to the Board of Regents, this website also includes the Regents’ Bylaws.
Standard Practice Guide
The U-M’s guide for rules, regulations, best practices, and more.

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