Family Friendly

Childbirth Policies

The U-M’s commitment to faculty and their families is demonstrated by our childbirth, adoption, foster care placement, and child guardianship policies, which include those listed here. Please note that the numbers in parentheses are links to the applicable information in the Standard Practice Guide.

(All parents [including birth mothers] should see the Childcare & Dependent Care: Policies and Resources section on this website.)

  • Paid Sick Leave. As advised by your physician, you will receive paid leave during pregnancy and following childbirth, including paid short term sick leave and, effective September 1, 2018, reduced eligibility period from two (2) years from time of hire to one (1) year for paid Extended Sick Leave benefits. (SPG 201.11-1)
  • Modification of Teaching Assignments (Modified Duties). If you give birth, you are entitled to a period of time during which your teaching duties will be modified to allow you to adjust to this new set of life demands--with no reduction in salary. For example, an academic unit may relieve you from direct teaching responsibilities for a semester. (SPG 201.93)
  • Excluding Time from the Tenure Clock Due to Childbearing. If, as a female faculty member, you have one or more children during your tenure probationary period, upon request your tenure review will be postponed by a year. (SPG 201.92 ) See also Children, Dependents and Childcare—Excluding Time from the Tenure Clock Due to Dependent Care.
  • Six (6) weeks paid Maternity (Childbirth) Leave, effective upon hire, to provide birth mothers with time for the physical recovery associated with childbirth; this leave is wholly separate from other available “sick” policies (e.g., short-term and extended sick) (SPG 201.30-6 -- effective September 1, 2018).
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