Committee on Environment and Sustainability Programs

In the fall of 2015, the Office of the Provost asked a small team of senior faculty in the fields of sustainability and the environment from other universities to visit the University of Michigan and assess our academic programs in these areas.   They produced a report that identified a number of strengths and enormous potential in our various programs, but also stated very clearly that we are being hampered by misalignment and lack of effective coordination among the programs.  The report also makes recommendations about how to address this to achieve our full potential.  

Academic Programs in the Environment Report of External Review Committee

With the support of the deans of LSA and SNRE, as well as the Directors of the Graham and Erb Institutes, in December 2015 the Provost convened a group of respected faculty members to explore ways to make progress based on the report’s findings and recommendations.   The Committee on Environment and Sustainability Programs was asked to explore the implementation of a new structure for our academic programs in the environment and sustainability.  

Charge to Faculty Committee on Environment and Sustainability Programs

During the winter of 2016, the committee met once to twice a week and solicited input and heard from faculty, staff, students and alumni through a variety of mechanisms including meetings, town halls, surveys and email feedback. The Committee on Environment and Sustainability Programs submitted its report and recommendations to the Provost in spring of 2016. Their report presents a vision for a more integrated, collaborative, innovative, and dynamic set of programs that will magnify the impact of the University's investments in sustainability research and programs.

Report and Appendices

University of Michigan Sustainability Academic Programs FINAL Report

UM Sustainability Academic Programs appendices