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Marketing U-M to Non-resident Undergraduate Applicants Task Force

Update as of Fall 2010


The Marketing Undergraduate Programs to Out-of-State Students task force was charged to advise U-M on ways to increase both the non-resident applicant pool as well as the number of non-residents who accept.


  • Identify and establish relationships, including increased visits, with a set of out-of-state feeder schools.
  • Develop a coherent marketing plan that differentiates among resident and non-resident audiences.
  • Implement a process of rigorous experimentation and analysis to develop an optimal financial aid strategy for non-residents.

Next Steps

We have already developed a set of criteria for selecting new partner high schools, and using those criteria, have identified an expanded set. Along with that, we have increased the number of out-of-state high school visits made annually. We are in the process of developing enhanced marketing strategies for non-residents, and are studying alternative financial-aid strategies.


For further information on the MM49 task force, please contact Kelly Cunningham in the Provost’s office at


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